TRB Access Management AHB70

Increasing the awareness and use of Access Management

VPS Get Involved

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If you would like to get involved with our TRB Committee, please contact a subcommittee chair to volunteer your help with a current project. From there you may be asked to join the subcommittee, and then later asked to join the full committee. We need your help and welcome your participation!

  • Volunteer to serve as a reviewer of research papers, to work on a committee project, or to give a presentation or preside at a session of the annual meeting or a specialty conference.
  • Participate in committee meetings, which generally are open to anyone who wishes to attend. Introduce yourself to the chair and other committee members.
  • Attend the committee meeting
  • Sign the attendance sheet so you will be included on the committee’s mailing list
  • Learn about ongoing committee activities and think about which activities might suit your interests, schedule, and desired level of commitment. Most committees can use support in:
  • Newsletter preparation
  • Paper review
  • Research statement development
  • Annual or summer meeting session planning
  • Don’t be bashful—talk with the chairman. They are always interested in finding new recruits and will be eager to find out about your interests.
  • Ask to become a “friend” of the committee—the group of people who have an active interest in committee business
  • Ask what committee activities need more volunteer support—what you can do to help
  • Feel free to discuss your ideas of activities the committee might undertake in the future and the role you’d like to play

* If you don’t have a chance to talk with the chairman during the Annual Meeting, e-mail Kristine Williams at after the meeting. Contact information is available on the TRB website (
Thanks for your interest! We hope you’ll get involved!


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