TRB Access Management AHB70

Increasing the awareness and use of Access Management

Colorado DOT 1977

Friends at Colorado DOT were just remembering that it has been 37 years since the Colorado Highway Commission adopted its first official access management policy in 1977.

It was in response to the need to increase the business and residential density of the City of Denver and find system management strategies to handle the growing traffic with limited urban rights of way for widening. Knowing that growing and serious congestion in the City would lend support to sprawling secondary suburban office centers that could promise less traffic congestion. The central business district needed to remain viable and vibrant both days and nights. Capacity into the CBD needed to be preserved.

Some of the material to create Commission Policy Directive 701 came from a series of research reports produced by the FHWA in 1976.  Technical Guidelines for the Control of Direct Access To Arterial Highways. The 1977 Policy Directive lead to new legislation in 1979 and new regulations in 1981.

Access management is a key component of arterial performance which is a key element in successful economic development.

Phil Demosthenes –  303-349-9497

“It is not the wealth of a nation that builds roads, but the roads that build the wealth of a nation.” President John F. Kennedy


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