TRB Access Management AHB70

Increasing the awareness and use of Access Management

RN Synthesis: Marketing Access Management to Local Government and State Government Decision-Makers

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Research Problem Statement:  Access management is a group of techniques being employed by governmental agencies to improve the safety and efficiency of the nation’s roadway system.  Frequently, one of the first hurdles agency personnel encounter when implementing access management is convincing agency executives and government elected officials of the need for access management.  Executives may be resistant to adding new programs or duties in the face of tight budgets.  Elected officials may resist new access policies perceived as having a negative effect on development.  The body of access management research, however, suggests that the safety and efficiency effects of access management are profound and that agencies that have adopted access management are convinced that its value far outweighs any preliminary negative perceptions.  State and local governments have developed ways of marketing access management concepts to decision-makers, but no comprehensive national study has assembled and evaluated these marketing methods.

Research Objectives:  The proposed synthesis would determine and recommend the best practices in marketing access management concepts to state and local decision-makers.  The study should include a survey of practices employed by state and local governments, practitioner input on the efficacy of each technique, a summary comparison of the efficacy of all techniques, and recommendations for future use.  The results of the study would be used to update and augment information contained in theAccess Management Manual, published by TRB.

Research Benefits:  While access management has been used for many years in some parts of the country, other parts of the country are just beginning to implement access management programs.  Many local governments, in particular, are in the process of writing access management into local ordinances and design standards and are looking for guidance on best access management practices.  The synthesis will provide information that can be used immediately by governmental agencies seeking to implement access management.

Sponsoring Committee: AHB70, Access Management
Source Info: The main sources for information on this topic include Committee Members from the TRB Access Management Committee (AHB70) and proceedings from past National Access Management Conferences.
Date Posted: 07/17/2007
Date Modified: 07/17/2007
Index Terms: Access control (Transportation), Traffic safety, Traffic flow, Best practices, Highway design, Design standards, State departments of transportation,

Operations and Traffic Management
Planning and Forecasting
Safety and Human FactorsPlease click here if you wish to share information or are aware of any research underway that addresses issues in this research needs statement. The information may be helpful to the sponsoring committee in keeping the statement up-to-date.

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