TRB Access Management AHB70

Increasing the awareness and use of Access Management

RN Current Research Needs

(Green highlight indicates NCHRP project that is ongoing or upcoming)
(Purple highlight indicates project in the TRB Research Needs Statement Database)
(Blue highlight indicates an entry in the TRB RNS Database is still needed and will be developed)
(No highlight indicates a topic for conference papers, presentations, workshops, or peer exchanges.)
* Topic was submitted by another TRB Committee

Access Management “Science” and Standards

  • Guidance for the Provision of Left-Turn Lanes (NCHRP) (funded NCHRP project) LINK TO RESEARCH NEEDS STATEMENT
  • Auxiliary right turn lane warrants (NCHRP)*
  • Interchange spacing implications and spacing standards (NCHRP)*
  • Development and application of access management guidelines—where did standards come from and how are they applied? (NCHRP or FHWA project) LINK TO RESEARCH NEEDS STATEMENT
  • Operational Impacts of Access Management, Relating access management to highway capacity, reliability, and mean travel speed  (NCHRP) LINK TO RESEARCH NEEDS STATEMENT
  • State of the practice of access management (Synthesis or FHWA project)

Various Impacts of Access Management

  • Using crash databases and other geospatial data in access management analysis (Papers and/or Workshop at Conference)
  • The role of access management in emergency planning and improved disaster evacuation (Papers)
  • Minimizing Business and Development Impacts of Safety and Operational Project Treatments Along Urban Arterial Corridors (Synthesis) LINK TO RESEARCH NEEDS STATEMENT
  • Access management metrics and performance measures; relationship of access management to asset management (Synthesis)
  • Access management’s impacts on freight transport and logistics (Papers)

Access Management Outreach and Marketing

  • Getting non-traditional stakeholders involved in advocating access management (e.g. law enforcement, health care, and insurance) (Papers)
  • Using micro simulation techniques to analyze access management alternatives and communicate the benefits of access management to stakeholders (Papers and/or Workshop at Conference)
  • Case studies where significant changes in access have been successfully implemented: examples such as total access control, major access rights purchases, cross access, signal removal, and raised medians. (How to get the “tough stuff” done).  (Papers)
  • Effectiveness of the TRB Access Management Manual (Papers and/or Workshop at the Conference)
  • Expanded access management peer exchanges (Other)

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