TRB Access Management AHB70

Increasing the awareness and use of Access Management

DOC Mississippi DOT Access Management Manual

GENERAL: This manual constitutes Mississippi Department of Transportation’s policy for access location determination and procedures for coordinated development between state highways and the abutting properties which they serve. The manual will provide clarification of the administrative procedures and standards.
PURPOSE:  Access management standards are in place to:
  • Maintain the overall safety of the transportation system.
  • Minimize congestion.
  • Minimize crashes.
  • Provide for efficient traffic flow.
  • Preserve existing system capacity.
  • Provide for pedestrian safety.
  • Maintain roadway aesthetics.
  • Provide appropriate access to adjacent business properties
Driveways add to the number of conflict points along a roadway and increased conflicts lead to increased crash
rates and poor roadway operations.  This access management policy limits the number of conflict points and is
designed to minimize speed differentials between through and turning vehicles.
Access management techniques are relatively straightforward and based on established traffic engineering and
roadway design principles.  They involve:
  1. limiting the number of conflict points;
  2. separating conflict points;
  3. reducing acceleration and deceleration impacts at access points;
  4. removing turning vehicles from through travel lanes;
  5. spacing of major intersections to facilitate progressive travel speeds along arteries; and
  6. providing adequate site storage.

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