TRB Access Management AHB70

Increasing the awareness and use of Access Management



The  presentations will be displayed as an on-line presentation with narration. The only software necessary to view the presentation is Adobe/Macromedia Flash. If you cannot view the presentation, check the security bar at the top of Microsoft Internet Explorer, or the security settings for Flash. The presentations will also be available in an Adobe Acrobat (.pdf) file. Please include citations and contact the authors if you wish to reference these materials.

SUNDAY, August 13, 2006

01 CHAPTER 1: Access Management Overview Overview, history and development of the TRB Access Management Manual ~ Vergil Stover, Kristine WilliamsPresentation PDF Presentation

02 CHAPTER 1: Working Examples from the Access Management Manual Access Spacing Issues ~ Phil Demosthenes, Parametrix
Presentation PDF PresentationHow Florida Used the Concepts ~ Gary Sokolow, Florida DOT
Presentation PDF Presentation

MONDAY, August 14, 2006 AM

03 Opening Session
 Special Guest Speaker: Gary Herbert ~ Utah Lt. Governor

Special Guest Speaker: Carlos Braceras ~ UDOT Deputy Director
Presentation PDF Presentation 

Keynote Speaker: Christine Johnson ~ FHWA
Presentation PDF Presentation

 FHWA Access Primer/Video
Neil Spiller, Dane Ismart, Art Eisdorfer
Paper (Primer)
Paper (Primer for Printing – 2 sided)

04 CHAPTER 4 Local and Regional Programs Corridor X Access Management and Development Plan ~ Steven Jones Jr.
Task Force development and implementation of a recommended land use and access management process of analysis and agreement drafts along the future I-22 corridor, in rural northwest Alabama.
Presentation PDF Presentation

Main Street on Highways: Preserving the Function of the Roadway while Respecting the Local Vision ~ Harold Lasley, Tracy White, Oregon DOT
An analysis of Special Transportation Areas (STA) in each of the five Oregon DOT Highway Regions. The result is a carefully crafted management plan addressing unique characteristics of each region and specific corridors.
Presentation PDF Presentation

Western Snyderville Basin Plan ~ Ryan Hales, Fehr & Peers; Kevin Callahan, Summit County
Discussion of access management process and techniques in Summit County.
Presentation PDF Presentation

05 CHAPTER 3 Developing a State Access Management Program Development of Mississippi’s Access Management Program – Lessons Learned ~ Jeffery C. Altman, Mississippi DOT
Lessons Learned in the implementation of an access management program.
Presentation PDF Presentation

Indiana Statewide Access Management Study ~ Jerry Gluck, Urbitran
Results of a comprehensive transportation planning study to develop access management strategies and an implementation plan that support the Indiana DOT Long Range and Corridor Plans.
Presentation PDF Presentation

 World Rules and Regulations of Road Access Management ~ Gary Sokolow, Florida DOT
An international look at how other countries are implementing access management.
Presentation PDF Presentation

06 Workshop Dispute Resolution in Access Management ~ Chris Huffman, Kansas DOT
Presentation Paper

The Mediation Process: 5 Steps
Median Opening Statement Checklist
Dealing with Impasse
 Styles of Mediation

MONDAY August 14, 2006 PM
07 Chapter 15 Right-Of-Way and Legal Considerations
 Development of Access Category Systems ~ Phil Demosthenes, Parametrix
Presentation PDF Presentation

Overview of NCHRP Synthesis 35-06 on Access Rights ~ Del Huntington, Kittelson & Associates
Synthesis review on the results of a questionnaire covering practices employed relating to control and limiting of access through eminent domain on highways
Presentation PDF Presentation

Utah Corridor Preservation Funding ~ Lyle McMillan, Utah DOT
Presentation PDF Presentation

08 Chapter 5 Roadway Classifications and Access Categories New Jersey Highway Access Code Reevaluation Study ~ Jerry Gluck, Urbitran
Results of a comprehensive transportation planning study for the New Jersey DOT that assessed the relationship between the State Highway Access Code and the State Development and Redevelopment Plan.
Presentation PDF Presentation

 Implementing Dakota County’s Access Spacing Standards ~ Kristi Sebastian, South Dakota DOT
New spacing standards of the Dakota County 2025 Transportation Plan is presented and discussed.
Presentation PDF Presentation

Auditing An Access Management Policy ~ Brian Gage, Minnesota DOT
MN DOT Access Policy Review
Presentation PDF Presentation

09 Workshop Land Development and Access Management Strategies ~ Kristine Williams, CUTR
Presentation PDF Presentation

10 Chapter 7 Land Development and Access Park City, Utah’s SR-248 Access Management for the Olympic Transit Center/Roundabout in Old Town ~ Bill Baranowski, West Jordan City, UT.
Innovative access control techniques applied while adapting a transit center and roundabout in historic district.
Presentation PDF Presentation

 Review of Oregon’s Innovative Interchange Area Management Plan ~ Marc A. Butorac, Kittelson & Associates
Balancing Land Use and transportation issues in the vicinity of new or newly retrofitted interchanges.
Presentation PDF Presentation

 Long-Term Business and Land Development Impacts of Access Management: Minn. I-394 Case Study ~ David Plazak, CTRE
Presentation PDF Presentation

11 Chapter 12 Access Permitting HAMS: Highway Access Management System ~ Anurag Mehta, Wisconsin DOT
Presentation PDF Presentation

12 Workshop Corridor Planning, Successful Access Management ~ John Taber, Trafmetrics, Inc.
Presentation PDF Presentation

TUESDAY August 15, 2006 AM
13 Chapter 6 – Corridor Access Management Plans
 Corridor Policy and Agreement Development ~ Karen Seggerman, CUTR
Presentation PDF Presentation

 Urban Interstate, Major Venue and Local Street Access Management – All in One Project ~ William Seymour, Mike Sewell, Gresham Smith and Partners
Presentation PDF Presentation


14 Chapter 8 Access Location Land Use and Access Relationship; Surveying the Landscape ~ John Bosket, Andrew Johnson
VISSIM Traffic simulation investigation of different “jughandle” configurations and comparison to conventional intersections.
Presentation PDF Presentation

 Operational Analysis for Interstate Access Modifications – Wisconsin DOT ~ Karl Westby
Presentation PDF Presentation

15 Workshop Florida’s Median and Driveway Handbooks ~ Gary Sokolow, Florida DOT
Presentation PDF Presentation


16 Chapter 6 – Corridor Access Management Plans Corridor Agreements / Plans – South Dakota ~ Rick Laughlin, South Dakota DOT, Shannon Ausen, City of Sioux Falls, Bill Troe, URS
Documented procedure of a corridor reconstruction and access management plan agreement between state and local government in South Dakota
Presentation PDF Presentation

Access Management Plans in Two Diverse Rural Corridors: Methods Applied and Lessons Learned ~ Joe Segale
Recommended strategies to preserve and enhance the roadway hierarchy in Vermont. Two case studies presented examining the techniques and circumstances for each study area.
Presentation PDF Presentation

Interstate Access Modifications: A Corridor Level Approach to FHWA’s Eight Points – Wisconsin DOT ~ Karl Westby & Don Peterson
Presentation PDF Presentation

Strategic Highway Corridors ~ David Wasserman, North Carolina DOT
Presentation PDF Presentation

17 Chapter 10 Access Design Traffic Efficiency of Two Non-Traditional Intersections; Superstreet and Through-About ~ Joe Bared, Turner Fairbanks Inst.
Non-traditional intersection design approaches that eliminate crossing movements and reduce signal phases.
Presentation PDF Presentation

Traffic Performance of New Jersey Jughandle Intersections in Comparison to Conventional Intersections ~ Ramanujan Jagannathan
VISSIM Traffic simulation investigation of different “jughandle” configurations ad comparison to conventional intersections.
Presentation PDF Presentation

Design Solutions for the South Tri-State Toll Highway ~ David McDonald Jr.
Solutions and techniques used to overcome geometric challenges for a major urban toll highway reconstruction project.
Presentation PDF Presentation

An Unconventional Design for Bus U-Turns at Signalized Intersections ~ Huaguo Zhou, CUTR
Study addresses an unconventional design for accommodation of a bus U-turn at a signalized intersection.
Presentation PDF Presentation


18 Workshop Successful Public Involvement: “Early and Often” The Key to Success ~ William Frawley, Bill Eisele, TTI
Presentation PDF Presentation

TUESDAY August 15, 2006 PM
19 Chapter 14 Public Involvement in Access Management
 Rural Access Management – “Innovative Approaches in Expressway to Freeway Conversion” ~ Darren Fortney
Lessons learned on the Wisconsin DOT effort of recent rural expressway to freeway conversions.
Presentation PDF Presentation

“Not Just Your Run of The Mill and Resurfacing” MDOT’s Access Management Efforts as part of Rehabilitation Projects ~ David Geiger, Michigan DOT
MDOT went door-to-door along two urban area corridors trying to sell access management. Was it a success?
Presentation PDF Presentation

Public Involvement in Access Management: A Primer for Public Involvement Process and Strategies in Access Management ~ John Bosket & Andrew Johnson
FHWA research project on the potential impacts that access techniques may have on businesses.
Presentation PDF Presentation
Public Involvement Primer   Land Use and Access Relationship

Access Management Public Outreach Project ~ Polly McMurtry, The Vermont Agency of Transportation
A process to provide information and education on Access Management to municipal officials, business persons, developers, etc., so that local permit decision-making can support good access management principles
Presentation PDF Presentation

20 Chapter 9
Access Spacing
 Simulation of Access Management Treatments Near Interstate Interchanges ~ Steven Jones Jr.
Traffic simulation examining effects of selected access management treatments near interstate interchange locations; four case studies.
Presentation PDF Presentation

Context Sensitive Design and Access Management ~ Dr. Nikiforos Stamatiadis, KY University
General principles involved in the design process and CSD issues affecting design choices.
Presentation PDF Presentation

Overview of NCHRP Synthesis 332 on Access Management on Crossroads in the Vicinity of Interchanges ~ Marc A. Butorac
Synthesis study of agency responses addressing spacing standards used on interchange crossroads. Factors that influence access location spacing and techniques used in the planning, operation and design of interchange crossroads.
Presentation PDF Presentation


21 Panel Discussion “Why Can’t We All Get Along Session: State, Local, and Consultant Relations”

Ed Hard, Texas Transportation Institute
Mike Hollier, Lafayette, Louisiana MPO
Dell Huntington, Kittelson Associates
Rick Laughlin, South Dakota DOT
Gary Sokolow, Florida DOT
Jim Gattis, University of Arkansas~ Moderator

22 Chapter 13
Internal and Intergovernmental Coordination
 A State of Change – North Carolina’s Progress ~ Laura Cove, Gary Faulkner, North Carolina DOT
Chronicle of the process and issues encountered to win support of Access Management
Presentation PDF Presentation

Shall We Dance?: Achieving Corridor Management through Intergovernmental Cooperation and Coordination ~ Karen Seggerman, CUTR
Development of successful corridor access management and local agreements.
Presentation PDF Presentation Paper

Cache County Utah Access Management Committee ~ Jeff Gilbert, Cache MPO
Presentation PDF Presentation

23 Chapter 11
Medians and Continuous TWLTL
 Context Sensitive Design: St. George Boulevard Median, Saint George, Utah ~ Brian Christensen & Lee Cabell, Horrocks Engineering
Presentation PDF Presentation

Context Sensitive Design: 700 East Median Salt Lake City, Utah ~ Brian Christensen & Lee Cabell, Horrocks Engineering
Presentation PDF Presentation


25 Utah Olympic Sports Park Video
Video of Utah Olympic Sports Park. Relive the excitement of olympic hopefuls putting on a spectacular show!

WEDNESDAY August 16, 2006 AM
26 Chapter 2
AHB65 Sponsored Session – “Effects of Access Management”
Safety Impacts of Access Management Techniques in Utah ~ Grant Schultz, BYU, Tim Boschert, Utah DOT
Document safety benefits of access management techniques on Utah roadways through use of data mining effort.
PDF Presentation

Driveway Density and Crash Relationship for Rural Two-Lane Highways in Texas ~ Kay Fitzpatrick
Texas DOT study examines the relationship between driveway density and crashes in Texas.
PDF Presentation

Safety Performance of New Jersey Jughandle Intersections in Comparison to Conventional Intersections ~ Ramanujan Jagannathan
PDF Presentation

27 AFB10 Sponsored Session
“Access Management for Developed Areas”
 Practicing Access Texas Style ~ Edwin Hard
Presentation PDF Presentation

Access Management in Ohio, 1998 to present ~ Dick Sommer, Michigan DOT
Presentation PDF Presentation

Selling Medians in Utah ~ Tim Boschert, Utah DOT
Presentation PDF Presentation

Raised Medians: How 9″ of concrete can improve your drive (Video from Utah)

28 Workshop A Guide to the Development of an Access Plan ~ Del Huntington & Marc Butorac, Kittelson & Associates
 Presentation with video

29 Closing Session Council of Wisdom
Presenters and Attendees all provide insight into the challenges and opportunities ahead
 Presentation  PDF Presentation


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